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About National Armed Forces

We, the National Armed Forces, are the basis of the country's military defense system and, in co-operation with the Allied forces, protect the sovereignty and territorial indivisibility of the Latvian state.

The National Armed Forces is a structuring of three military formations - the Regular Forces, the National Guard and the Reserve - consisting of a militarily organized, trained and armed part of the people - soldiers who are under national protection and their lives, freedoms, honor and dignity are protected by law.



Strong National Armed Forces, safe and secure Latvia!


The leadership of the National Armed Forces is exercised by the Commander of the National Armed Forces who is subordinated to the Minister of Defense. The Commander of the National Armed Forces is the most senior military official in the State.



Professional service soldiers


National guards


Reserve soldiers

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Media contacts

Anete Gnēze

Head of Media Relations Section



Media Relations Section is responsible for communication between media and the defense sector - the Ministry of Defense and the National Armed Forces.

In order to apply for interviews or ask questions, please write an e-mail to prese@mod.gov.lv or contact the head or the press officers of the Media Relations Section.

Contacts for whistleblowers

Lieutenant Colonel Rolands Moļņiks

Deputy Head of the General Inspection Section



The Audit and Inspection Department General Inspection Section is responsible for communication between whistleblowers and the defense sector.

Whistleblower's reports  are submitted in accordance with the Whistleblowing Law, additional information can be found at the State Chancellery.

If you have any questions about whistleblowing, please contact LTC Rolands Moļņiks or the contact point of whistleblowers – the State Chancellery.

We remember

Since the restoration of the Latvian Army, Latvian soldiers have participated in many international operations and combat tasks, sacrificing their lives to strengthen Latvia's security. Through their work, they have proved that the soldiers of the Latvian Army are loyal and selfless in defending their core values.